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Boscon Investment & Trading Co., Ltd is a multi-disciplinary engineering company established in 2016. Innovation, quality and experience are our source of strength. Boscon use the latest engineering technique and applies highest quality & safety standard in every project.​ Boscon aims to maintain our high-level performance and quality that few local competitors can duplicate.

Our Product

Pre-Tensioned Spun High Streng Concrete Pile or PHC is the high strength spun pile with the conrete compressive strength of about 80Mps.

It is circular in cross-section and are manufacutured in sizes ranging from diameter 300mm to 600mm with standard lengths varying from 6m to 15m in single pieces.

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Aeon Mall Phnom Penh

Orkide Villa

The Flora

The Bridge

Sin Huot Investment

Sato Kogyo


Khmer Brewery

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