Archer Asks: Walter Crasshole, creator of the latest men’s room sex website ‘Dandy Dicks’

Archer Asks: Walter Crasshole, creator of the latest men’s room sex website ‘Dandy Dicks’


alter Crasshole is a US-born journalist and porn musician, and founder of brand new men’s intercourse internet site,
Dandy Dicks
(NSFW). Amy Middleton trapped with him in Berlin to inquire about about their work, intercourse, erotica and identification.

A: reveal concerning your job, Dandy Dicks.

WC: Dandy Dicks is a unique on-line erotic homosexual magazine that do not only gives homosexual men something due to their sexual appetites, however their intellectual appetites aswell. It really is porn and editorial, side-by-side. We now have videos of men alone or in pairs taking pleasure in on their own in addition to interview films with the artists on many techniques from their daily about what they like doing in bed. And that we’ve got blog sites, interviews and articles on sets from songs to film to culture to funny rants and anything. We’re ready to accept much different content. Although the site is actually for homosexual guys, we are happy with the person who wants to take pleasure in our material! Many people can come along on all of our Dandy Dicks drive!

A: What’s the project’s method of sex?

WC: The gender you want to portray is actually “natural” gender, as with that individuals avoid professional stars or sets or pre-fabricated conditions. We grab men because they are and require them to take pleasure in on their own like they prefer to. I do believe in terms of sex sites men and women need to see other people make love, certainly, but what’s poor, even yet in local gay porno, is the method people truly connect to one another during intercourse. We have that in spades. Put differently, only indicate to us everything you’ve had gotten: we would like to see!

A: How would you describe your identity, and exactly how provides this produced after a while?

WC: My personal identification is in fact to my case. I’m a gay man – a classical faggot with a punk rock twist. I would personally state i really could end up being classified because queer and, throughout that I wasn’t always solely with males


I participate in a renewable version of individual and that I haven’t ever already been, nor am We into becoming homosocial. Now I need a variety of genders, identities, folks in common inside my life. But still, I’m nearly a gay guy.

Walter Crasshole. Image by Christoph Kassette

A: just how is sexuality handled in Berlin?

WC: sex in Berlin is actually wonderful. The mindset in Germany in general towards intercourse is very incredible. Simply a week ago at beach we finished up arbitrarily seated close to a team of bi-sexual old swingers talking quite honestly regarding their exploits and feelings towards intercourse – which beach was in the German countryside, maybe not Berlin. Normally perceptions from inside the money tend to be a lot more modern. Discover all sorts of representations in Berlin from PornFilmFestival, to gender clubs ready to accept all men and women (some perhaps not, naturally), to gender retailers and classes, toward urban area’s publications perhaps not shying from the these subject areas. Sometimes the largest downside to Berlin’s union with sexuality is actually sometimes being unable to maintain or getting overrun.

A: How would you change just how society addresses gender?

WC: In my opinion the most basic thing is only the way we mention it. And that I don’t simply imply from inside the governmental feeling. If individuals weren’t so squeamish about any of it in general and that I did not feel there were situations that I imagined gender ended up being entirely unacceptable to speak about, we might all get on with it easier. Nonetheless, we’re brought up from early on that talking about sex is actually taboo and even I can have the unease in some situations when the subject is raised. But if we could easily talk about it, additional changes could come much more conveniently.

A: just what guidelines do you really give someone who is actually unclear about their own sexual identity?

WC: i believe the initial step is what I was these are early in the day: talk to some body. Younger people possess a bonus over the elderly in the same way there exists array resources on the internet that can assist all of them work out who they have been. In addition, the risk of this internet is continuing to grow exponentially with cyber-bullying. It’s hard adequate for young adults are bullied about their identification by their unique fellow party around them, however with the chance of it to be therefore community and massive, the results can be quite tragic. We however believe young adults may benefit from discovering resources on the web, however the best thing is to find some one IRL they can really discover some solutions from. If that is not available wherever they have been – relocate to next greatest city if they are old enough. They are the central meeting factors for queer people to today. And is also most likely the easiest way to get a hold of service they require.

A: What Exactly Is after that for Dandy Dicks?

WC: globally! No, but very nearly! You want to do a great deal! We should keep bringing the highest quality pornography to prospects and discussing dudes like no body else happens to be carrying out. Simultaneously, develop our very own article increases and expands hence we can tackle all kinds of subject areas on the way – from culture to recent events. Presently we are dealing with some video clip material that we understand is likely to be awesome fantastic – lots of fun material for people can get into. We’re youthful in addition to future is wide-open, therefore we’ll simply have to see.

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