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About Boscon

Boscon Investment & Trading Co., Ltd is a multi-disciplinary engineering company established in 2016. Innovation, quality and experience are our source of strength. Boscon use the latest engineering technique and applies highest quality & safety standard in every project. Boscon aims to maintain our high-level performance and quality that few local competitors can duplicate.

We aim to contribute our best efforts to provide the most advanced products and services to benefits our society. We always listen, understand, and strive to meet all customer’s demands. In return, we receive support through our commitment to quality and dedication to bring true benefits to clients.

To become a leader in the engineering and construction industry in Cambodia, providing outstanding performance in quality, safety, and timely delivery of projects, to satisfy client’s schedules and specifications.

  • Foster innovation
  • Pursue excellent in every aspect of our operation
  • Create value for clients
  • Effectiveness
  • Capacity Development
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation
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Message From Top Management

Focusing on the creativity and quality of the products by concentrate on every step of the production process, from the initial stages of raw material selection, to the installation of state-of-the-art machinery, quality control system, is our commitment to produce the best products with international standards that meet the needs and provide maximum benefits to our customers.

Having a standard business management system, strong resources, a professional team and a common dream, we believe that we will be a leader in domestic market to support the development of the construction sector and the promotion of national products with our combined heart and talent of Cambodian and international team.

Our Team

Our team are a professional team, both national and international, who are committed to work together for the best. Our multi-national team walk together with confidence, honesty, morality, passion, viture, professional and team spirit to achieve our goal, our prosperity and for a legacy.

We believe Human Resource is the most valuable asset. Our team thrives on fairness, teamwork, and respect for each individual’s ability.
We are always eager to create a friendly and creative working environment that brings the best of each individual and fosters personal development.
To ensure the best possible outcome for clients and to bring benefits to society, we continually invest in modern and up-to-date technology.

Why choose us

Deliver on time

Our motto is “On time, Every time”. We understand the importance of timely delivery of our products and services. Modern machines, advanced production management help us to achieve that.

Advanced Manufacturing Facilities

Equipped with the Automatic Pipe Pile Production Technology, our factory is capable of producing 80000 meters of spun piles monthly.

After-sales services

Boscon knows the importance of the after-sale service. We continually put our effort in project card to put clients at ease and on top of their satisfaction. We will be with you when you need us

Material Quality

High-quality materials are always used to ensure durability and increase the aesthetic value of the work carried out.

Adapt to your specific needs

We are very flexible in meeting the needs of our different clients. We have the personnal, tools, technology, and proven experience for any type of project. With Boscon, even the most difficult tasks can be tackled

Field-proven Specialists

Our specialists have more than 10 years of experience worked on major projects both in Cambodia and China. They have the level of expertise and a combination of skills to tackle every technical challenge to meet client’s requirements & specifications.

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